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Zero-cost platform

Billing is itemised per client and matter, enabling you to bill your clients the document generation costs associated with a matter.

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90%+ Time Reduction

Ingest all matter documents and obtain a lawyer quality chronology in under 10 minutes. Cost of a chronology and time-spent reduced by 90%+

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AI Evaluation Pipelines

Our platform is powered through cutting edge AI evaluation pipelines, built to ensure that our outputs provide lawyer quality and accuracy.

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99+% Accuracy

With our AI evaluation pipelines and by using only grounded data we are able to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and completeness.

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Unlimited docs

Upload 1000s of documents of many different types, vastly reducing the time and effort it takes to obtain entire matter comprehension.

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Review User Interface

Quickly gain confidence in your generated chronology documents using our Review UI. Sort and filter event lines and view any source doc.

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Secure & Compliant

Our platform is ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant, and we leverage Azure's security posture to ensure peace of mind.

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Living Document Technology

Easily and efficiently add, edit and remove chronology source documents and review version history to build your doc over time.

Features Explored

Features that save lawyers time

Fully formatted chronologies, exactly how you need them, in less than 10 minutes.

Mary accurately extracts and organises events, dates, and sources from your documents into your preferred chronology format, cutting drafting time by up to 90%.

Fast, secure, and versatile document processing.

Securely and accurately process thousands of client documents in under 10 minutes - we support PDF, DOCX, emails, images, videos, audio files and more.

Customised for your firm.

Configure the style of the chronology, event lines, area of law, jurisdiction and much more to ensure that the chronology is perfect for you.


Expand your practice without increasing your legal team.

With Mary, law firms can cut legal drafting overhead costs by 90%, streamline the creation of chronologies from hours or days to minutes, and expand capacity for new business without adding to the workforce.

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Security, compliance and client privacy is at the heart of our product

Security and compliance are at our core, not just policies. We leverage Azure's security posture and are compliant with ISO & SOC2 standards, reflecting our high standards for data protection. We ensure top-tier security and reliability from the start.

  • End-to-end encryption
  • ISO / SOC2 compliant
  • Data sovereignty
  • Audit monitoring

Customer Reviews

Aikol has transformed the way we collaborate on projects. The interface and features make it essential for a SaaS business.

Courtney Henry
TechSynergy Co.
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The collaboration tools in Aikol are excellent. Commenting and file sharing have made our teamwork more efficient than ever.

Ronald Richards
Creative Studio
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Flexible subscription plans catered to our needs. We appreciate the scalability it offers as our business grows.

Jenny Wilson
Dynamics Ltd.
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Aikol's UX design is fantastic. It's easy to navigate, visually appealing, and the attention to detail enhances the overall user experience.

Leslie Alexander
TechSolutions Inc.
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It connects effortlessly with our existing tools, creating a unified ecosystem it has simplified our operations.

Ralph Edwards
Innovate Solutions
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Keeping our workflow dynamic and ensuring we stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Aikol regularly updates with new features

Jacob Jones
Solutions Inc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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I am interested, but I’d like to see the capabilities first. What’s the process?
Our firm has strict data security rules. Would Mary comply with an enterprise law firms data policies?
I’ve seen many lots of legal AI products. What makes this different?
What areas of law can Mary handle?

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